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Marshall and swift sent me an email offering me a 20% discount to renew my subscription.

Here is my response.  Enjoy.

for those of you still using (or paying for) marshall and swift.... QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Craftsman.  About $50/year for the book...Much simplified over marshall and swift.

Mr. Johnson,



The reason I dropped my subscription to Marshall and Swift is that it is now owned by Corelogic.  I will not knowingly support Corelogic in any way or fashion.


My subscription to Marshall and Swift has been replaced with a much lower priced alternative that provides me with equal utility.  Is it as better or more accurate resource??? Probably not… But no one cares about quality research or accuracy, right?… Just speed and cost. 


Cheap and Fast… Cheap and Fast…Welcome to my world.

The AMC is my B!TCH!

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I switched to DwellingCost.Com last year, it is $75 per year, and is simple to use.    
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