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Are you uncomfortable carrying a gun or do you need a backup weapon???

 Tactical Pocket Sand maybe the answer...[rofl]

Shipping: $3.99

Tactical Pocket Sand. A must have for when your life is on the line. Whether you're just an everyday "sheepdog" civilian or operator as fuk, when the sh!t hits the fan, gear selection is everything. Don't be caught defenseless. 

This tactical pocket sand, harvested from the Royal Sand Pits in Saudi Arabia owned by Sheikh Rustilikah Shalackrafad*,  is guaranteed to blind and disorient your attacker giving you time to do a tactical barrel roll and resume ass kicking operator operations. The uses for this pocket sand are only limited by your imagination.

It also fits perfectly into your Condor chest rig pouches and is easily deployed in the most dynamically tactical situations. Also works well when paired with your favorite Uncle Mikes, Fobus or Serpa holster.

This is some extremely potent stuff and not legal for sale in California, Chicago, Washingto DC, New York, Vermont, or Ohio. It's banned in Europe and contains materials know to the State of California that may cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

If you're ready to take your defense seriously, tactical pocket sand is a must! Endorsed by many reputable tactical instructors and figures such as:


Colors available:

Mall Ninja Black

Tactical FDE

Pumpkin Spice
Now all you basic Bs can have something to go with your Ugg boots and Taylor Swift albums but still maintain that level of tacticoolness.

Special Snowflake
It's a tough world other there. Especially when the boss doesn't give you those participation trophies that you're used to. Don't worry though! You can hide in your safe space and be protected by this special version of the Tactical Pocket Sand designed specifically for Millennials.

*Appearance & source of sand may vary. More than likely it comes from Ike's backyard. Not responsible for injuries caused as a result of being down wind when deploying Tactical Pocket Sand. Use responsibly and always remember to practice proper safety protocols. Pocket Sand safety is YOUR responsibility. Use this almost, kinda sorta but not quite lethal weapon appropriately.  


Never compromise with a liberal!


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I have the knockoff version called "Pocket Lint".  Its just as effective but you have to be more precise with your throw.
The AMC is my B!TCH!
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