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Populations trends indicate that Georgia's 2030 population will be over 14 million people...Where are the appraiser coming from, we are not producing new appraisers...most of us are near the end...How many folks really believe that banks will loan money on homes that are valued above $250k without an appraisal? I don't...If you are an appraiser below 50 years of age...a boom is pending....

What is the real outlook? I am looking to focus on non lender work and more on legal stuff. Do an appraisal, go to court, collect twice on the same job makes a lot of "cents' to me...

M. E.

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Fear not.  Appraisers will come out of the woodwork if there's money to be made and most plan to or have to work until into their 80's.  That's 30 more years.  I sure hope you are right but many things need to happen perfectly including a growing economy while warding off a push for more techno products when they are just so lucrative for those that control our work.  Honestly, I don't know how we manage this storm without appraiser decline.
We argue this: Meanwhile the agent's assistant just did 5 unofficial appraisal inspections they paired with a Zestimate and granted 90% LTV - all guaranteed no buy back.
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